Welcome to Behind the Scenes…


Hello there! I’m Katy: artist, designer, teacher, stay-at-home mum and juggler of all things work/family/creative. Over the last 6 months I’ve started my fledgling business By Lamplight, selling art, photography and design online through http://www.etsy.com and also at local markets in Melbourne. I named it thus because the only time I can really sink my teeth into my artistic endeavours is when my adorable and energetic little boy (who’s just hit the terrible two’s, might I add!) is off to sleep.

While creating and selling my art, photography and design work is fun, I thought it could be just as rewarding to show you my process, share with you the inspiration and new skills that I gather along the way, and let you in on some of the books, magazines and exhibitions I’ve been following. For you mums out there, I might even throw in some posts about parenting and being creative as well as how I’ve gone about launching my creative dream. And of course, I’ll be keeping you updated with my new artwork as it hits my Etsy store (bylamplightdesign.etsy.com).

I’d love to hear from you with your own ideas, with any questions about the techniques I post, as well as hear about your sources of inspiration. It would be fantastic to build an artistic community where we can exchange our joys and frustrations along the way to making beautiful things!